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Welcome to is an easily configurable, full-featured SaaS platform for automated data rights fulfillment and privacy preferences management. combines fully customizable, seamless admin workflows with an easy-to-use, intuitive consumer portal. consists of the following components:

  • Admin Portal - used for managing privacy requests and customizing the consumer experience. This is where you can track requests as they progress, implement admin decisions at key points, view summary system metrics, and communicate with end users.
  • Consumer Portal - self-service data rights and privacy fulfillment web application for consumers. The consumers are your customers, users, current or former employees, or anyone whose personal data is stored in your systems.

Creating your site is quick and simple. To get started, see Onboarding.

Privacy Request Types services the following types of consumer requests:

  • View my Data - find the consumer's personal data and create a report for download.
  • Delete my Data - find the consumer's personal data and send detailed requests to the data owners to delete it.
  • Edit my Data - find the consumer's personal data and present it in a form that the consumer can modify.
  • Manage my Preferences - enable the consumer to set various preferences. These preferences include selecting a communication channel, which topics to be updated about, and opting in/out of sharing personal data with third parties. These preferences are customized for your organization.

You can select which types of consumer requests you want to support, and edit this at any time.

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Welcome to

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